How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is here and while it might not be the type of Christmas we were hoping for after such a year, I'm sure you are as excited as I am to spend some quality time with your loved ones and families. But Christmas is often a time of the year when we are less careful with our waste and eco-friendly habits. But remember, this is the most crucial moment of the year for us, to make a difference. Here are some suggestions for a greener Christmas and cool ideas you can make yourself.

Food and leftovers

This Christmas, make sure to only buy locally-grown food for your feast so to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure to freeze or donate your leftovers.

Christmas decorations

Forget the glitter, go outside and grab some leaves, branches! If you are feeling creative, dried oranges and citrus are not only gorgeous but they are also fun to make!

Wrapping presents

Who doesn't love some great wrapping paper? I do and you already know the recycled kraft paper I use to wrap your planners. But did you know that newspapers make a very original wrapping too? Or what about some fabric? You could recycle something you have in your home or opt to buy some meters so to wrap many presents with it.

BYO tote bag

I'm pretty sure you are going to buy more than one present at a time, so make sure to bring your own tote bag to fit everything. It's made of certified cotton and it's super resistant as well as extra-large.

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