inchiostro and paper guide to eco-friendly back-to-school gear

The moment has almost arrived and since we are nice girls 😇 and we love you a lot ♥️, we've decided to do some research for you. We all know that our planet is on the verge of a catastrophic disaster and we really need to do something to stop this. Immediately.

We can't change the world in one day, but the world can change by doing little changes every day.

Here are our guide to eco-friendly back-to-school (office) gear.

1. A Refillable Pen

When your kids starts writing, all of a sudden your house will be a gigantic pen-holder. Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic you bring into your own home with those cheap pens? Well, I've been using the same Pilot G-TEC-C4 for years and I buy a box of pen cartridges whenever I need it. Of course, if your kids are little they might need something else, however, please start considering only buying refillable pens from now on.

2. Sprout Pencils

What about pencils that become plants? Well, it's not longer a fantasy. Produced with 100% ecological material and with EN-71 certification, Sprout pencils are very first pencils which truly you can plant.

I bet your kids (and you!!) will love seeing thee pencils turn into basil, cherry tomato, coriander and sunflowers.

3. A refillable water bottle

You want your kid to stay hydrated, but plastic is a major problem nowadays and plastic water bottles are one of the main causes because they often end up in a landfill or worst, the ocean. I prefer stainless steel bottle, which will keep the temperature of your drink whether it's cold or hot for a long time. Depending on where you live, I hope you can access clean and safe water from your water-tap, so simply stop buying water bottles today.

4.Gorgeous and hand-made pencil cases

You probably are already familiar with @QualcosadiErre's gorgeous stationery instagram gallery. What you might not know is that she also makes stunning hand-made pencil cases like the one in the picture. What's better than sustaining young and talented artisans when you are also sustaining the environment?

5. inchiostro and paper planners

A guide to eco-friendly back-to-school gear wouldn't be completed without a mention to our very own sustainably-sourced, ethical and FSC certified collection. So, whether you are looking for a daily planner to start in September or a desk planner to schedule all your exams, kids' snacks or appointments, you know where to find them. Our 2020 Collection has everything you need to fill your kid's rucksack or your own. Plus, if you didn't know that already, we are donating 1€ for each planner sold to Plastic Oceans. Make sure you do the right thing.

PS: We know how hard it is to go back to school / work after a few weeks off, so to make things easier, we've decided to have a little school party.

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