Plastic Free July: 5 (+1) Tips to get you started

We are a little late, but... it's never too late to do some good. As already mentioned here, for 2020 we have big plans to have an impact on our planet. We are still a tiny start up, but since the beginning, our mission and purpose have been so detached from balance sheets and profits. We started inchiostro and paper because we had a dream, not because we thought to start a business. This is our third year, but we haven't changed our mission.

We want to make the world a better place by making people happier and we believe that each and every of our product does make people smile, dream, think, laugh a bit more every day. It's a gigantic mission, I know, but...

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. - Henry Ford

What you can do?

If you have one of our 2019 Planner, you surely have already learnt by now many little things that can help you reduce the use of plastic in your daily life. Our 2020 Weekly planner is even more packed with tips to save water and go completely plastic- and waste-free. In the meantime, we collected here a few simple ideas that you can start doing right now.

1. Refuse plastic bags

From today and until the end of July (or even better, forever!) refuse plastic bags wherever you go shopping. Buy a tote bag and carry it with you everywhere. Our tea-tree tote bags are now sold out, but leave a comment below if you think we should make new ones with the new 2020 design!

2. Stop buying pre-packed fruit and vegetables

Ok, ok...I know we all have busy lives and many things to do every day, but surely you have time to chop some carrots and wash your own salad right? It's also very good for you! For the rest of the month, do not buy any plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables. Look out for loose fruit and vegetables in your local grocery store, or even better go to a farmers market or bulk/organic store near you.

3. Firmly refuse straws in your summer drink!

Summer calls for cool drinks with feet in the sand, right? Amazing. We think so too. However, start saying no to plastic straw to your bartender and tell them why. Anyway, who said mojitos are better drunk slowly? 🤪 PS: single-use straws are used for a few minutes only, but they’ll remain in the environment indefinitely!

4. Clean the beach up

Who doesn't love a long walk on the shoreline? Well, next time you are at the beach about to take a walk, bring a rubbish bag with you and collect all the trash you find. This week I did so and filled two big bags of trash in less than half hour. Added bonus is the exercise: can you imagine how many calories you can burn bending down to collect plastics and other stuff?

5. Recycle properly

The purpose of this great initiative is to use less plastic in our daily life. However, if each person on the planet could recycle properly, there would be an incredibly positive impact on our planet. So, make sure that on top of buying less plastic, you also recycle it properly.


Re-use the envelop of your inchiostro and paper orders to send things to your friends and family. You simply need to get a blank sticker and put it on top of your name. You can even re-use our wrapping paper to do your own presents and other things. Think and re-use before you throw away stuff.

What's next?

Once you’ve started on your #plasticfreejuly it's time to reach out to your networks. Share your achievements and goals with your friends and family, on social media, school, work place, in your local community and wherever you feel is appropriate. Check and use @plasticfreejuly along with #inchiostroandpaper to get inspired by a large community. You can take the plastic free challenge for a day, a week or the rest of your life. Obviously, everything depends on you and how important this planet is for you.

It's only a drop in the ocean - but the ocean wouldn't be the same without that drop. - Mother Theresa

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