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  • A Journey of a thousand words

    Never in my life, I felt as stuck as during this past year. Used as I was to travel whenever I wanted, as I left my corporate career in London to do just that and turn into a digital nomad, the pandemic has affected my mood, energy and overall inspiration. It's been a tough year for all of us, but hopefully, we are near to closing this chapter once and for all. In a desperate attempt to remember how gorgeous, varied and big is our planet, early this year I started one of the most ambitious projects for inchiostro and paper: the All-About Paper, around the world in 12 boxes. Today, I want to take you to our first destination! Japan I wanted to start from Japan as I never been to this magical land but it'll probably be my first destination once these crazy times will be over. I've always been fascinated by the Sunrise land, where people are calm and cheerful, beautifully dressed and where Sakura is I wanted to put all of this inside a box and so I did. What was inside the first All-About Paper Box? The first box dedicated and inspired by Japan included all the goodies below. Handmade A6 Japanese Binding journal Last year I managed to turn another dream of mine into reality as I finally attended a binding course at one of the most renowned editorial academies in Italy and so I refined my binding technique, including the typical Japanese binding. For this box, I choose the Yotsume Toji or Four Eye Binding, which is also the most common variation of the four Japanese binding options (and my favourite). If you missed the Japan box but want one of these notebooks, don't worry! You can still get them directly from the shop, through this link [please allow 3-5 working days as they are custom and hand made]. MT Official Washi Tape A box dedicated to Japan couldn't be complete without some washi tapes and so, each box came with an official MT Japan-inspired washi tape. Not only MT - Masking Tape is the brand that invented this now essential tool for bullet journalists and creatives alike, but it's also the best quality on the market. You can grab yours on the shop! Don't miss on these gorgeous MT washi tapes, get yours now! Kawaii cuties To complete the box, I then bought a selection of kawaii erasers. In Japanese, the word kawaii means the juncture of "cute," "tiny," or "lovable." The cute aesthetic—with its bold, nearly cartoon-like lines and rounded forms—informs a large segment of Japanese popular culture. Tombow Brush Pen And, last but not least, the official Tombow brush pen is the perfect cherry on the cake of this Japanese box. Each box had one of various colour along with another kawaii fine liner pen. The mystery is solved and our Japanese adventure has now come to an end. Don't worry! We are already about to land at our second secret destination, make sure to add our mail address to your contact list and/or primary tab (if you use Googlemail). But don't forget that even if our first and second boxes are now sold out, you can still join us for our third secret destination! Subscribe now and join us on this around-the-world trip! SUBSCRIBE Here are some reviews about the first two boxes [THANK YOU ♥️ or, even better arigatou] SUBSCRIBE

  • All About Paper Box: around the world in 12 boxes

    [leggi questo articolo in Italiano qui] 2021 looks like, is going to be very similar to 2020 at least for now. We can't travel, explore or even go out (😩). Our world has become narrower, tighter, smaller and our daily experiences which are almost completely confined to our own homes. For this reason - as I am personally struggling to stay put and I desperately miss travelling - and, I think it's hard for you too. And since I couldn't take off for my usual month away as I normally do in February, as we can't jump on a plane to explore our beautiful planet, as we can't see with our own eyes new places and cultures, I've decided... bring the world to you. 🌎 Yes! After weeks of intense thinking, research, testing and production, we are back with something I dreamed of for a very, very long time and which seems to be perfect for these unprecedented times. And I'm extremely excited about The "ALL ABOUT PAPER - AROUND THE WORLD IN 12 BOXES" is finally here!!! “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” — T.S. Eliot What's the ALL ABOUT PAPER - AROUND THE WORLD IN 12 BOXES? The ALL ABOUT PAPER - AROUND THE WORLD in 12 BOXES is a carefully curated subscription box featuring the best of Inchiostro and Paper design and materials along with hand-picked international artists and stationery brands from all over the world. These limited edition surprise boxes will have a selection of gorgeous paper products that you'll only see when it arrives at your doorstep. And they will be limited since the products made and bought will be the exact number of boxes ordered. No waste = sustainable business. Each box is themed to a country around the world with items, paper products and writing instruments from or inspired to that country. "Because we might be unable to travel right now, but our beautiful planet is still there, waiting for us." Sabrina - Owner & Founder Inchiostro and Paper Nice. But What's inside? Oh well, as the name says it, it's a surprise! But I can give you an idea of what's coming in 2021: - cards and postcards - washi tapes - notepads - notebooks - journals - stickers and adhesive sheets - writing paper - brush pens - pencils - pens - other writing instruments - calendars - books - bullet journal tools and templates - artists artworks - and much, much, much more! And, together, we will visit Thailand, Australia, the USA, Italy (of course) and beyond... Sounds amazing, but how does it work? Well, it's simple! Keep reading to find out more! SUBSCRIPTIONS: The ALL ABOUT PAPER BOX - Around the world in 12 boxes is delivered 12x / 6x / 3x per year. You choose how many boxes you'd like to receive: 12, 6 or 3. You cannot buy one single box (for now at least), this product is only available as a subscription. WHAT'S INCLUDED in your SUBSCRIPTION: The great thing about the ALL ABOUT PAPER BOX, is not only inside. There are a lot of perks and exclusive things that come with it. Here are the details: 📦 A surprise box every month (for 12/6/3 months depending on your subscription) 📒 5+ exclusive pieces of stationery designed by us or by an artists 💰Between €20-50 worth of products in each box 🧧A 10% discount to use on while subscribed 💲Ongoing subscriber perks (previews, extra discounts, free personalisation...) 🌳A giant THANK YOU from our planet as you'll plant a tree 🌳 with each box sold as part of our Cambiamo (R)evolution in our forest! As you probably know by now, we like to give back as much as we can, which is why every box we sell helps to plant trees in our forest. This means that if you subscribe for 12 months, you'll plant 12 trees (which you'll own and check their growth any time on Tree-Nation)! 🚛 Free shipping to Italy. International shipping will be calculated separately and paid in advance for the entire subscription period via Paypal/bank transfer. ⚠️ INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please email me prior to buying this product for an exact shipping quote to EU countries and the rest of the world. PLEASE NOTE: 📎 As always, our products are limited editions, so once they are sold out, well they are gone forever. 📎 You will receive a box every month, for 12/6/3 months, depending on the subscription length you've chosen. 📎 Each box is shipped at the beginning/mid of the month. 📎 The first box (February) will be shipped around the 15th of February. ⚠️ ATTENTION: These boxes are not available as a one-time purchase, but only with a subscription. February's Box Can you guess which is the first country for the month of January? Have a look at the picture below!

  • 5 Questions you can't ask a stationery addict

    Stationery addicts are people who feel nostalgic about past times, hand-written letters sent from the post office boxes in little villages, always in search of paper perfume and different types of paper. As each addition, sometimes stationary addicted have to explain their need for notebooks, pens or just their visit to an old stationery shop during a trip. In this article, I have reunited 5 questions you can’t ask a stationery addict, following all the typical questions I’ve been asked in my 23 years of paper addiction! 1. Do you really need your 20th light-blue pencil? There aren’t enough quantities of stationery things related to a particular colour, because every time I see a particular tonality, I always search for a notebook, a pen or something else that matches with a specific colour palette. When someone asks me ‘Do you really need that thing also if at home you have 30 blue pens?’, I try my best to explain the fact that for me each colour could express something different, and that blue-colour of the summer’s sea is what I need in my collection. 2. Don’t you have enough stationery things at home? Monthly/daily/weekly planners, desk planner and post it, dotted/minimal/colourful notebooks, squared or lined exercise notebooks, washi tapes for every occasion, hundreds of pens for journaling and bullet journal: how can I have enough of this beauty? 3. Paper vs. Technology, who wins? For a stationary addicted, there’s no comparison between paper and digital. Digital has simplified our lives in different ways, but I can’t say no to a paper planner, a little notebook and everything made by paper. 4.Do you really need to start a new notebook for every aspect of your life? I’m used to choosing a new notebook for every chapter of my daily routine. My favourite notebooks for projects and personal life are Inchiostro and Paper dotted notebooks: I have one for all the ideas about Inchiostro’s blog articles, I’ve used one for taking notes about my thesis, favourite books quotes, future plans of just journaling. I prefer to have one notebook for each ‘aspect’ of my life, so when I search for something, I immediately find it with everything inside. More recently, I've started using the bullet journal method on my Bullet and Paper Book which has allowed me to keep every single aspect of my life in one notebook. I love the idea of having a book which contains everything and if I have an idea about something when I am out and about I can always make a quick note on it on the go. 5.Are you planning to visit stationery shops also during your holiday? A truly stationary addicted can't never forget about her or his passion. The visit to the Historical Museum of any city is always followed by a little visit to the attached stationery shop. I recommend you to have a look at this section of the blog where you’ll find some of the most beautiful stationery shops and libraries here in Italy. And you? Are you a TRUE stationery addict? What do you do to satisfy your addiction? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • inchiostro and paper - the tiny, ethical, designer stationery shop

    DESK PLANNER inchiostro and paper Undated Daily Planner Bullet journal italiano DESK PLANNER inchiostro and paper 1/5 the ethical, minimal, inspirational stationery brand. 100% designed and manufactured, with ♥️ in Italy 99% plastic-free Inspired by our Planet Made for our Planet. inchiostro and paper was created with the idea that we all have a responsibility to protect our planet. This is not just a stationery brand. Our goal is bigger. Our goal is huge. We, the #inchiostrofam, are here to be the change we all want to see in the world. We believe that consumers and especially companies have an obligation to try their best to make the world a better place. We are trying our best. ​ One planner at a time. about us shop our blog about us We believe that all changes have to start somewhere. We believe that everyone has a huge hidden power to start this change . At inchiostro and paper, we help you be the change by planting trees and offering you sustainably made products that last a lifetime. LEARN MORE

  • contact | inchiostro and paper

    "Alone we can do little things. But together, impossible is nothing." Sabrina Bertazzo - inchiostro and paper' founder Don’t be shy. We’d love to hear from you. Questions + love notes + ideas and collaboration requests are all super welcomed (and bonus points for being nice). Social Media Collabs Just fill in the contact form at the top of this page to discuss our current availability for Instagram, Facebook and other marketing collaborations. Designers Do you want to make something wonderful together? We love working with exceptional, creative designers. Pitch your idea, tell us what you’re about, send us your portfolio and let’s chat. Stockists Want to stock our fabulous products too? Jump over to the stockists' application page to find out more. If you are a press company, we would love to hear from you too. Thanks! We will get back to you soon-ish! Send message Otherwise, you can reach us: 💌 and on our social media channels below.

  • ABOUT | inchiostro and paper

    About Us Inchiostro and Paper was born out of an obsessive love of all things paper and the need unmet by the market of paper goods made with certified paper and ethical standards. Since October 2017, Inchiostro and Paper has offered various collections of sustainable, ethical, minimal luxury paper goods stores around the world through this shop and over 30 stores. Our design is inspirational, minimal and fun and our products are completely guilt/plastic-free. ​ ​ We hope you find something you will love. dream. write. create. Our Story Sabrina Bertazzo is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of the Italian design and stationery business, Inchiostro and Paper. With 30 partner stores across Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Australia and online, we've reached over 40 countries worldwide. After growing up in a small village in Italy, at the age of 22 she moved to London to pursue an international career in management consulting first, and as a Senior Project Manager at Amazon, later. Aged 30 and having achieved all her professional goals, she left her job to travel and explore the world during a two-year solo adventure. Upon her return, she knew she wanted to share her experience and encourage as many people as possible to follow their dreams. With this idea in mind, she created the first weekly planner (2018) which was sold out in less than 6 weeks. Since then, she has been developing her brand to become even more inspirational while also putting sustainability right at the centre of her business agenda. Her motto is: "you only live once, make it remarkable". Meet The Team Sabrina Bertazzo Founder & CEO Elena Colombini Head of Design Anastasia Grigoletto Graphic Designer & Social Media Specialist Elena Zanon Content Creator and blogger Sustainability " ” The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. – Robert Swan ​ Cambiamo (let's change in Italian) is the name of our sustainability project. The philosophy behind our brand and the meaning of it all. It's the reason why, we think that change is only possible if everyone, every company, customers, employer or employees assumes its responsibility towards a better planet. We at inchiostro and paper don't think that someone else will save us. We believe it's our responsibility to save ourselves. ​ Inchiostro and Paper is here to bring a global change to our society. Ambitious? Yes, but why not? ​ Since Day 1, back in 2017 when this all started, I refused to take shortcuts or get cheap materials of doubt sources. Since the very beginning, I obsessed over every single step in the production and how they end up on your doorstep. Half of my time is spent searching for ways to improve our products and our processes, to make sure that inchiostro and paper is a responsible company with a positive impact on the environment and society in general. ​ ​ ​ ​ Big companies often use fancy names and mention big NGOs to show off how they are apparently doing good in the world. But often this is just a marketing move to attract new customers. How easily could a giant e-commerce really BE the change we need? How easily could we all boycott big brands to make the market more sustainable? ​ This is why Inchiostro and Paper is really different. ​ No matter what it costs, we will always pick materials that have the least environmental impact. We are working very hard to produce recyclable products. Even though we believe and hope you'll keep your planners and journal forever, by 2022 we are going to only produce products that are made of: - Renewable source - natural (eg paper). - Non-renewable source (fossil). In this case, it must not be a virgin, but possibly: 100% recycled or 100% biobased (crop waste, that is, they must not subtract land from agriculture). Our suppliers share our same values, and we check their production process very closely. We've recently started our forest with which we compensate the emissions resulting from shipping your orders. plastic-free pledge 99.9999% done: we've taken huge steps to achieve this goal and we are still working on it. While we've removed all plastic from our packaging and replaced it with biodegradable bubbles, our biggest challenge remains the envelope for the shipping labels which need to be protected from rain and transportation. We've been testing other materials with little success so far, but we won't give up until we find the perfect solution. We will continue to do our bit and educate ourselves and our customers on how we can do better and shop wisely. There are so many sustainable options, there really is no excuse for not going greener. ​ If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our processes, if you lack any information, or if you notice anything that we might have missed, we want to hear from you. Simply email us with your ideas and suggestions. Press & Blogs

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